The Best of Crimes

K.C. Maher


May 9, 2019


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One afternoon in a leafy New York City suburb, Walter Mitchell walks into the local police station and turns himself in for kidnapping thirteen-year-old Amanda Jonette, his daughter’s best friend. The police chief tells him to go home –no one wants to prosecute. But Walter refuses, and is finally arrested and charged.

This is a novel about a man who is faced with temptation but does not succumb; the extraordinary relationship that develops between he and his beloved and the bond between these bright, lost, individuals as the painful inevitability of the end draws near.

This timely and provocative book will appeal to fans of Marilynn Robinson’s Lila and Sofka Zinovieff's Putney.

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About the author

K.C. Maher’s short fiction has appeared in literary journals including Ascent, Black Warrior Review, Confrontation, Cottonwood, Gargoyle, and The View From Here. Her work has reached short-list status in various contests, including the Iowa School of Letters Award and Drue Heinz Literature Prize. The is her debut novel. She is mother to two children and lives in New York City with her husband

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